Release Notes v2.6

SAE V. 2.6.0: What’s New March 20, 2018

Sharp Auction Engine is constantly building improvements into our application and we’re excited to announce the newest additions. This recent update contains stability and performance improvements, along with photo editing optimization. In case you haven’t had a chance to test the latest software, we’ve compiled a few highlights.
What’s New
Auctioneer Description Listings already contain a variety of places to provide useful and necessary information about an auction. However, we wanted to create a place to highlight special information that may be seen at a glance (pick up times & dates, partnerships, auctioneer name, etc.). An editable text field has been provided for this on the Manage Catalog page. After saving and publishing this information, it will be viewable by the public on both the auctioneer’s homepage and within the listing itself, underneath the name and time frame of the auction.
Photo Editing When it comes to auct…

Release Notes v2.4

SAE v2.4: What's NewDecember 12, 2017 SAE v2.4.0 brings with it some amazing additions to our auctioneering toolkit! From a language translator built into your website, to a fantastic new payment processor, we’ve given our auctioneers the ability to easily engage with (and accept payment from) bidders around the globe! And as always, this release includes new enhancements and feature requests, made by our auctioneers and bidders. So now that we’ve got you all revved up and ready to auction, let’s take a look at what’s under the hood! Major Features:
TSYS & Authorize.Net Payment Integration
While we’ll continue to offer the services of Stripe and PayPal to our auctioneers, SAE is excited to announce that the TSYS payment processor is now an available option within the Sharp Auction Engine platform!
While TSYS is just as secure as our current processors, it allows our auctioneers to accept payment without fear of censure for firearms, munitions, and other commercial weaponry of almost …

Release Notes v2.3

SAE v2.3: What’s New

By utilizing the auction method, the real estate industry is quickly realizing that their listings spend reduced time sitting on the market and reach maximum realized value. No experience with online auctions? No problem! Sharp Auction Engine makes it easy to list, display, and auction your properties on your own customized platform.

Sharp Auction Engine is proud to announce that SAE v2.3 is our “Real Estate Friendly” release! With most of our more important features in this release focused on customization and the user experience, we’ve made it easier than ever to enhance your business’ online presence! SAE v2.3 also includes oft-requested features such as enhanced bidder registration options, a more robust selection of site customization features, and general display improvements to ensure that you and your bidders have the smoothest experience possible. Let’s take a look at what’s new.


Auctioneer Language Edits

At Sharp Auction Engine, we understand that one o…

Release Notes v2.2

SAE v2.2: What’s New April 21st, 2017 SAE v2.2 is our “power and control” release! From custom-set dynamic increments and notification settings to more editable bidder details, auctioneers now have more configurations than ever to run things exactly how they want. SAE v2.2 also brings oft-requested features such as additional bidder security screening, paddle number enhancements, and general display improvements to ensure that you and your bidders have the smoothest experience possible.

Let’s take a look at what’s new. Clerk on the Fly® - BetaOur new Clerk on the Fly® feature represents SAE’s first foray into the world of auction live clerking! While it is currently only being released in beta format, CoF allows auctioneers (or their clerks) to place bids on behalf of bidders.

From any standard catalog item page, you can now easily add or edit items (or have them pre-loaded) as well as their lot numbers as they are brought out onto the floor, and place bids on behalf of selected bidders (us…